Now You Can Lose Weight
and Learn How to

Maintain Your Results!

Did Your Last Diet do that?

The success of your diet plan isn’t measured in pounds lost, but rather the years you’re able to maintain those results. Unfortunately, diets focus on superficial success determined almost exclusively by short term weight loss results. However, short term weight loss results disappear. In fact, in 1992 the National Institutes of Health reported that as much as two thirds of weight lost is regained within 1 year of completing a dieting program. There are 2 reasons for this:

  • Common dieting causes fat burning AND muscle loss, but muscle is required to burn calories…if you lose muscle while dieting, you will hinder your ability to burn calories post dieting.
  • In order to make weight loss successful, we need to adopt a new lifestyle. However, the ability to manage your weight requires some knowledge of how and why we gain weight, the effect different combinations of food have on our weight and the relationship between insulin and weight gain.

When you follow the Ideal Protein weight-loss method, you will learn:

  • How muscle helps burn calories
  • What calorie consumption means
  • Which foods are best suited to stable weight management
  • When, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • What is the impact of insulin on weight gain
  • and much more

After losing your excess pounds, you’ll have learned how sugar consumption impacts the creation of body fat, what food combinations to steer clear of and how to avoid weight gain while still enjoying the foods you love.

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